Targa, this is the only way to trace the owner: find out where he lives

If for any reason you want to trace the name and surname of a car owner, you only need to write down his license plate and use the internet which today solves thousands of problems, even the most unthinkable.

Gel on the tablet
Gel on the plate – Motori.News

The operation is not impossibleindeed it is very simple, within everyone’s reach, even those who do not love technology and who do not have much experience in this sector.

Unfortunately, the operation involves the payment of a very small amount, which gives the possibility of obtaining all the information on Italian license plates and owners at any time. Only if the license plate is foreign could you try to get some information for free.

Those who are really willing to find out who owns a car need only have 5 free minutes to concentrate fully on the operation and complete it with great satisfaction. The site to use is that of the ACI which works very well on both smartphones and tablets.

The most useful methods to find out more about car owners

The first method relies on the website of the Automobile Club of Italy through which you can do research on the Public Automobile Register (PRA) which allows you to know more about all “registered movable property”. IS a comfortable and simple service suitable for everyone. You pay 6 euros one-off via pagoPA, logging in with SPID or cie. This is a legal service that collects information of any kind on motor vehicles, trailers or motor vehicles. Furthermore, the identity of the person requesting information remains anonymous, so the owner of the vehicle will never know that someone has been informed.

Once you have entered the Automobile Club d’Italia website, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Login. Access and accept the Privacy Policy. Then specify which vehicle you want to know more about, return the license plate and click on the Continue button below.

At this point, check your personal data, click on Continue, check the contact details, correct in case of errors and then press the button Keep on. Then pay with pagoPA, press the Enter button and that’s it, you can immediately see the name of the license plate owner.


Other additional services

Then there is the service made available by Aci through which you can understand if the old owner had paid the stamp or not and when. In this case, just enter the official ACI page and write all the required data.

All this is feasible even by one smartphone or tablet. It is not possible in this case to know the name of the owner of the vehicle, but only some things such as the insurance company.

Then there are applications that once you have entered the license plate number provide all the information about the vehicle, for example Infotargaor for Apple smartphones, there is iarga, or Vehicle scanner which makes only certain information available to the user. With a payment of 0.99 euros per month, you have free access to some advantages and the elimination of advertisements.

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