Car headlights, everything changes: a shower of fines for those who still have them in this color

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Many people wonder if some car headlights are legal or not. In this article we will clarify some specific bulbs. There is a risk of very heavy penalties in some cases. What should you pay attention to? Here are all the details!

Car headlights
Car headlights-

At night, having headlights able to illuminate the road as well as possible and the view is very important. An aspect that must be absolutely taken into account, in order to guarantee maximum safety for us and other road users. But are all bulbs legal? Actually no! The Highway Code obliges users not to be able to install some bulbs for car headlights. Which?

Very often the standard lights on cars do not fully satisfy people. More and more drivers are changing light bulbs, in order to guarantee a better view at night. In fact, especially in the peripheral streets, the lack of street lamps and other lighting seriously risks compromising road safety.

What is there to know about car headlights? LED headlights ensure a better view than normal bulbs. But are they always legal? Let’s go to the discovery of these elements and what is the risk of installing non-legal LED headlights!

Car headlights: heavy fines if the Highway Code is not respected!

The classic halogen bulb is not always appreciated by drivers. Especially those who usually travel at night, greatly need to increase comfort. And the car headlights also play an important role. LED bulbs greatly improve the view. But are they all legal? Absolutely no!

LED headlights
LED headlights: pay close attention to the color, so as not to suffer a heavy fine – Motori.News

Replacing a classic light bulb with a LED one has the advantage of increasing the night vision in prohibitive conditions. In addition, it allows you to aesthetically improve the car. But not all LED headlight colors are legal! What does the law of the Highway Code provide?

LED headlights are not legal if they have a color other than white. In addition, they are liable to penalties if they were to be installed under the body!

What penalty is there in the installation of LED headlights of a color other than white? First of all, it should be said that the fine is always triggered. It is not only necessary for the police to notice this during a roadblock. Indeed, the legislation also applies in the event of a stationary car and with the engine off. The Highway Code prohibits the installation of headlights of a color other than white. The reason? Disturbing other users.

Car headlights
Car headlights: which bulbs cannot be used? – Engines.News

The fine is around 74 euros to be paid within 2 months of receiving the notification. This is what is foreseen by Article 79 Paragraph 1 and 4 of the Highway Code. Unauthorized installation of the headlights is considered an administrative offense and not a crime. Something very similar to breaking speed limits! Therefore, pay close attention to the installation of LED headlights!

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