Teardrop Camper Trailer Made For EV Can Extend Vehicle Reach

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Camper trailers can be an ideal mobile charging solution for EV owners who enjoy the great outdoors. Colorado Teardrops is taking a big step in that direction with The Boulder, a teardrop prototype specifically designed for EV owners that is aerodynamic, modern and packs its own battery that can charge electric vehicles quickly.

Let’s answer the obvious question right away. The Boulder is built with a 75KwH battery system on the trailer floor. According to Colorado Teardrops, the system is capable of Level 3 fast charging and will add 100 miles of range to the EV in 10 minutes. We said Should because the company lists that time as an estimate. Recharging to 80 percent capacity is estimated in 80 minutes, with full charge times not yet available. Level 1 charging via the J1772 connector is also possible.

What does that mean for reach, exactly? Things like that obviously vary, but Colorado Teardrops says The Boulder should basically equal or add to the vehicle’s normal range when not towing a trailer. When the trailer battery runs out, it can be plugged in and charged like any other EV. That includes a Tesla supercharger, if the buyer so chooses.

Another obvious question is yes, this adds weight. An aluminum frame is used for the cab, with a powder-coated steel frame as the foundation. The dry weight is listed as 2,200 pounds, not too heavy by any stretch but a few hundred pounds heavier than a regular teardrop trailer. It’s still light enough to pull behind all but the smallest of EVs, and uses a 3,500-pound axle so there’s room for add-ons.

The Boulder Teardrop Camper For EVs
The Boulder Teardrop Camper For EVs

By the way, this is camper and not just a retractable charging station. The boulder was built to accommodate a queen size bed inside, with two small bunks on top. That’s enough room for two adults and two children, and when not sleeping, the interior space is converted into a dining area with seating around the table. At the back is a large outdoor kitchen with folding shelves and a large table for cooking.

Storage is available under the counter, which may include an optional sliding shelf for coolers. More storage is available on the aluminum fenders and under the floor, where the onboard water supply can enter. Extras can include heating and air conditioning systems, propane, hot water, solar panels, awning systems, and more. As a prototype, it’s still a work in progress, but one thing you won’t find is a toilet system. In essence, it has everything except the kitchen sink.

Colorado Teardrops does have a functional prototype already built, shown in the photo gallery above. The production version will cost $55,000, though the company is currently taking deposits on a tiered system that could lower the price. Raise a $10,000 horse now and the MSRP drops to $45,000. You will also be in the first round of deliveries, which is expected in the first half of 2023.

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