at that price they are given away

The new Fiat Panda 2022-2023 is about to arrive, it is an economical car, suitable for everyone, very interesting, with many new features.

Fiat Panda
Fiat Panda – Motori.News

In the thoughts of Italian manufacturers there cannot be the classic Fiat Panda, with its successors one more beautiful than the other. The new car will arrive in 2023, with an electric product at super discounted prices.

Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat, said just a few months ago that the company is trying to change its plans and strategies. The 500 will focus on the solid brand styleall the other models such as the new Fiat Panda will instead give up the classic style and move towards practicality which is just what is needed in recent years.

Fiat Panda-

The news coming with Fiat Panda

The first big news regarding the fact that the next Fiat Panda will be an economical electric car unlike all the other proposals and on the market for now. In fact, all electric cars of any make and size, until now have been expensive and not accessible to everyone, a similar change was needed and finally it would seem to have arrived. The only alternatives to hybrid and petrol ones were super expensive electric cars, not suitable for anyone’s pockets.

Centoventi presents its Fiat car which does not have the LED display in the rear but much more. Simplicity that makes the difference. The new car will be all electric, different from previous models. The second model will be totally based on the 500a small SUV larger than the new Panda.

It will all be based on the CMP platform, also launched as a hybrid, petrol engine in short, a marvel, the solution that all motorists were looking for.

Relaunch set for 2023, that’s what is about to change

The relaunch will begin very soon with the most interesting supermini of all 2023, this will be followed by three other distinct crossovers over three years.

For some months now, Fiat has been aiming for a range more complete than usual to try to catch up with others. The Italian-American group FCA, just like all the others, will now have to deal with the anti-pollution regulations recently imposed by the European Union, so everything will be more difficult, in some ways uphill.

The new vehicles they will be destined for everyone, because thanks to the super cheap price anyone can afford to make the purchase. The production costs, the character of the Panda from the 80s, the needs and the availability of users, they will find themselves faced with only one choice, the new Fiat Panda, ready to combine quality with standard prices and needs. A single product capable of making many people agree.

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