Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay Leaks In Massive Hacker Attack

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Originally launched as a video game where bad guys have fun, Big Car Theft the series has evolved in the automotive realm to have a wild and active car culture, albeit digital. GTA 6 is currently in development, slated to replace GTA 5 which has been around for almost 10 years. However, a large amount of in-game footage leaked before Rockstar Games was ready to show it.

A member at GTA Forums recently posted 90 clips and footage from the game that was allegedly leaked from the company. The nature of the leak is unknown, but Rockstar Games confirmed a hack took place and classified information – including early gameplay footage – was illegally accessed and downloaded. Posts in GTA Forums it has since been edited with all links and copyrighted content removed.

Based on PC Gamers, this is a huge leak and could be one of the biggest in video game history. Nearly an hour of video footage captures multiple settings in the future GTA universe, which is expected to take place in Vice City, GTA’s version of Miami. One scene shows a playable female character robbing a shop, although it’s clear we’re looking at a game in development. Among other things, visible code and placeholder text are used in some cases. The leak also includes characters walking and interacting in the unfinished background, so yeah, it’s far from a finished product.

For our purposes, the leak also includes some interesting vehicle content. At one point we see a modern police car looking like a Ford Taurus with Bentley headlights. Another leak shows the character getting into what looks like a 1980s-era Toyota pickup truck. Perhaps most interestingly, we see a very detailed vehicle interior resembling a Lamborghini Urus. Sun visors, steering wheel and seats can be customized in this early game form. It is unknown if this is just a developer tool to improve the design or if GTA 6 will feature such functionality for players.

Rockstar Games hasn’t released any information about the new game, other than saying it’s in development. Rumors suggest this game will be released in 2024.

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