Car license plate, from today you can customize it as you want: you just have to do this

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Is the personalized plate your particular need? There is a way to make this dream possible! But what is there to know? Is it really possible to customize the license plate as you want? Here are all the details on this aspect!

Personalized plate
Personalized plate –

Many people are fascinated by the personalized license plates you see on American TV shows. In the United States – according to the legislation of each state – it is possible at a negligible cost to customize your car license plate. And in Italy? Has the situation changed?

Our license plate cannot be completely changed like in America. In fact, there must always be 4 letters and 3 numbers in the center. The background should be white and the characters black. But changes can be made! Which?

What does the Highway Code provide? There has been an update regarding thearticle 100 paragraph 8. Here is what it says: “Without prejudice to the alpha-numeric sequence established by the regulation, the holder of the registration certificate may request, for the number plates referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2, at the costs fixed with the decree referred to in Article 101, paragraph 1, and with the procedures established by the Department for land transport, a specific alpha-numeric combination “.

It’s still: “The competent office of the Department for land transport, after verifying that the requested combination has not already been used, registers the vehicle and issues the registration certificate. The State Printing Office is directly responsible for the delivery of the plates within thirty days from the issue of the registration certificate ”. What more is there to know? What limits are there on the customization of the license plate?

Personalized license plate: this is what you can do in Italy!

In practice, the personalized plate is allowed – excluding the initial letters X, Y and Z and, in general, the letters O, Q, I and U – but only in some particular cases. It will be necessary to apply to the Department of Land Transport (to the local office closest to you) and fill out a detailed form. Finished? Absolutely no!

Personalized plate
Personalized car plates: what is there to know? – Engines.News

The request must be approved and only after 30 days will it be possible to obtain the personalized plate. The cost? About 150 euros! But is it really so? Will it be possible to request any personalized plate?

The answer is no! In practice, in fact, the situation is by no means free. It will not be possible to have a completely personalized plate printed or, in any case, remaining within the limits of the 3 numbers in the center and the 4 letters, as required by the Highway Code. Despite the presence of Article 100, there is no real decree that makes customization possible.

Personalized plate
Personalized plate: how is the situation in Italy? Here’s what you can do – Motori.News

So what’s true? What can be done? The Italian institutions allow you to customize the car plate, but only as regards the lot of plates arrived at the provincial motor vehicle at the time of purchase of the car or change of ownership! And on balance, only the 3 numbers can be chosen. The letters, on the other hand, must follow the exact order of those in progress. To be free to choose the license plate as in America, therefore, we are still a long way off!

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