If you see a flyer resting on your car, NEVER ‘get close’: you end up badly

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When you have to change cars, you generally prefer to buy it from a private dealer, taking the opportunity of the trade-in car that allows you to have a significant discount on the total. At times, the dealers’ valuation does not seem to be the best or at least it is anything but cheap. Other times it is not possible to obtain it because the retailers do not lend themselves.

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If you do not have time to devote to negotiations between individuals, do some research online to find the viable alternative for spend little and save. Then, automatically, a solution appears that appears interesting and adequate: the flyers on the car window or rear window.

This is a procedure that certainly appears convenient but has a lot to hide, so you have to be very careful. On paper, private individuals are sponsored who promise special treatment, but in reality it is the exact opposite.

The kidnappings of the Finance Police, this is what happened in 2015

Just in 2015, the Guardia di Finanza, in Ravenna, closed 21 companies of car dealers that they used to cheat. Cheating after cheating had managed to attract or obtain dozens of consents, damaging many unfortunates.

These have in fact caused a moral damage as well as economic damage not only to those directly concerned but also to authorized car dealers, who obviously must comply with stringent policies to provide customers with greater, safer guarantees.

Often these little serious agencies that advertise themselves with flyers attached to the windows or rear windows of cars I am not even able to provide the chassis number, they simply post fake photos, perhaps taken on the internet or taken around, covering the license plate number. However, should they manage to provide the chassis number, this does not guarantee that the car was not sold to several people and never delivered. Used cars are typically sold with the vehicle registration documentwhich informs about the previous owners and the condition of the vehicle, in this case the booklet does not even exist.


Guarantees to refer to, why stay away from the classic flyer

The first guarantee to refer to is, contact reliable interlocutors, to well-known companies that have a good reputation. It is not necessary that they are dealers or not, but that we can focus on their reliability.

There are more and more cases of deception, especially because today, due to the crisis, anyone tends to save. Unfortunately, it is not always the best choice.

The advice is as follows, when on the window of your car a flyer like that, you really have to pretend you have never seen it. Reading it is a mistake as well as a waste of time: never be fooled by these attractive offers at first glance.

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