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Cooking oil instead of diesel, it seems absurd but it is not, indeed to be precise it is an old habit that in this period would seem to be back in fashion.

Cooking oil in the tank
Cooking oil in the

On the other hand there is not much to explain, because of the increases in light and gas and fuel and anyone who is in trouble and tries to save where and when they can. Due to the increase in diesel which costs much more than gasoline, motorists are trying to find alternative ways to survive.

We know that there are many diesel-like products that cost much less and can be used in the same way. There are those who have found a solution in cooking oil which apparently could too replace diesel, advantages and disadvantages.

Is it better to use cooking oil instead of diesel or is it better not to risk it?

Many wonder if this leads to differences or if it could cause serious damage and consequences in between. The answer to this question was given directly by the German automobile experts Club.

Once cooking oil was used in pre-chamber or injection engines indirectly, however, important changes were made, for which the combustion of diesel fuel was improved with further consumption of the product. If before, an engine was able to digest any product used, today it is only a risk.

If things go wrong, mistakes could also pay dearly. Here because no manufacturer approves cooking oil poured into tanks of cars, neither the vegetable nor the combustible one is good.

If vegetable oil is used in Diesel engines, due to the viscosity of the product compared to diesel, difficulties may be encountered and serious problems in starting the motor, as well as serious negative effects on the performance of the car and therefore of the engine. The pump and nozzles were not designed to work with vegetable cooking oil or any oil that has one higher viscosity than fuel.

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What can be the consequences of using cooking oil in the car

Using cooking oil in the machineyou can immediately notice a decrease in the performance of the vehicle, which over time wears more due to the composition of the product.

Then you can also form deposits or obstructions inside the pipes of the car. Subsequently, the engine can be polluted, the seals can deteriorate due to the acids contained in these oils.

All this happens in modern cars, while in old ones being that the engine did not have sensors like modern engines, there were no important variations in operation for which hardly anyone he noticed the difference or the damage done.

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