What is that hook on your car door handle for? Incredible: it’s not what you think

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The car has dozens and dozens of components that none of us know anything about. For example, on the inside handle of the door, that is the one on which passengers usually lean while proceeding at a certain speed, there is a hook that has a reason that not everyone knows.

Hook on the handle
Hook on the handle – Motori.news

Those who have already made the discovery were virtually speechless. Whoever finds out now will have solved one of life’s many problems, especially who they are used to travel and who generally find themselves in unpleasant situations that they just don’t know how to solve.

At least once in your life it has happened to pull the handle down and notice a catch, a small hook. There are those who have wondered what it was for and those who have not paused too much.

What uses hides the car handle

The handle is useful in many moments, especially when they are present in the car disabled or elderly who need help getting on or off the vehicle or who prefer to hold on when traveling on bumpy roads or at high speed. There are those who find a kind of security in holding themselves and those who instead do not know what the car handle is for.

Who has never pulled it down probably he never realized this something that is hiding right there under. Under the handle, there is a small hook that, as absurd as it may seem, is used to hang everything that you do not want to get creased during the trip.

What you don’t know about your car door handle

Similar information they are not provided in the instruction manual of the machine, are things that are discovered using the medium. Alternative uses that sometimes save lives. Many drivers already do this, in any car. This trick can be used in both large and small models. Especially when you travel a lot, for events or celebrations and you always want to appear in perfect order, you can hang a hanger with your clothes there.

Handle hook
Handle hook-Motori.news

For example when you don’t want to wear any particular clothes inside the suitcase because you are afraid that these will be damaged, or when you do not have but a lot of space, or when you don’t have a suitcase behind you, just take advantage of the hook and here the problem is solved in the blink of an eye.

Alternatively, the hook can be used to hang a bag, that is wedged between this and the hook of the next handle, to fix what can be used immediately and that you do not want to look desperately around, on the seats or inside the bag. There are so many tricks to make traveling quiet and comfortable, you just need to know them.

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