Broken car, the only thing to do is this: don’t get caught unprepared

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All careful and foresighted motorists should have the first emergency kit, battery charger or car battery cables in the car, which can be used at any time, being in front of the car that does not start.

Machine stopped
Machine stopped –

In case of necessity both the kit and the battery chargera can save lives and more. Especially due to the long lockdown periods, the drawback that many found themselves having to face was precisely that of the dead battery.

There are those who remained on foot and he looked for the valid alternative and who instead did everything to get it started again, even asking for help from the neighbors. In reality there are remedies that allow you to leave with your car, managing the discomfort with extreme awareness and easeindependently, without too many problems.

The mistake made by all motorists while the car does not start

A bit ‘all motorists think they are careful when enough, in reality it is not so, because even the best make mistakes often caused by fatigue or by distraction. For example a cause of fatigue you can neglect the warning lights that appear on the dashboard, or the noises you hear while driving.

Auto does not

Sooner or later these two small problems become big and big problems, which can cause many difficulties. Also fix them when they have already become a nice inconvenience it forces you to spend large sums.

Being with the car that does not start is a problem that anyone has had to face at least once in their life, so we should try to prevent and adopt correct habits that can also change the life of the wallet. The first thing to do is listen to the car. Before finding himself with the car that does not start, it sends small signals, that they must be caught in time to be able to act and resolve in advance.

For example, a car that has a damaged battery emits a particular, easily recognizable sound every time it is turned on. If in the dashboard there is no alarm or no icon at start-up then the problem is probably much more serious than you think: the battery is completely discharged or not connected to the system.

How to act if the car does not start

There are several methods that allow you to work around the problem and fix it just to get home or get to work on time. Then the advice is to have the car checked by a professional as soon as possible. Time is the best friend or the worst enemy, the more you lose, the more maybe you melt, the more you risk spending huge sums to solve the problem.

The first recommended remedy concerns cables. First, check the poles, the positive and negative ones, attach them to the cars, try to start the car with a flat battery, accelerating and reaching at least 2,000 rpm. The two cars must remain connected for a few minutes, as this allows the discharged battery to recharge.

If you don’t have them on hand nor the battery cablesnor the battery charger, you can use the classic push, while two people push the car from behind, one from inside must try in every way to activate the engine, starting the car with the clutch and second gear.

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