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Marc Marquez closes the Aragon race after just one lap due to a mechanical problem after a contact with Fabio Quartararo.

Marc Marquez (LaPresse)
Marc Marquez – Motori.News

The race of Marc Marquez at Aragon, the first after the fourth surgery on the arm, it ends on the first lap. Spectacular departure from 13th place that immediately threw him 6th, finishing in front of Fabio Quartararo. A problem with the traction control or a tire still cause a slight skidding of the rear wheel of Marquez’s Honda, who instinctively releases the gas and is hit by the Yamaha champion.

Race over for ‘El Diablo’, shortly after also for Marc Marquez, who accuses a piece of fairing in his rear wheel. Before finishing the race he also causes the fall of Taka Nakagami: in an attempt to brake the RC213V of the multi-champion from Cervera moves to the left due to a mechanical problem and pushes the Japanese driver to a bad fall that makes it necessary to be transferred to the Medical Center, fortunately it does not report serious consequences.

Problematic return for Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez (Ansa)
Marc Marquez at Aragon – Motori.News

Second accident in two days for Marc Marquez, returning to the pits after just one lap. “I thought everything was going smoothly, but at turn 5 I noticed something strange, several riders passed me“, Says number # 93. “At Turn 7, when I entered the holeshot, I was running parallel to Nakagami and the rear wheel froze. I had a piece of Fabio’s fairing on the right side and when the wheel got stuck he pulled me to the left, a mechanical problem“.

Even on social media, the Catalan champion wanted to clarify that the contact with Taka Nakagami it was involuntary, contrary to what some haters claim. “Never in my life, in the middle of a straight, would I go against another driver, because I know what it can cause, and especially on the first lap. People talk and talk again. I have seen the images and it seems that I did it on purpose. Number one, he’s a brand mate, he’s from Honda. Two, he is a track mate I get along with. And three, I would never do it on the straight, and even less on the first lap with all the bikes behind“.

There remains a certain bitterness for having caused, albeit unintentionally, the fall of Fabio Quartararo, candidate for the world title. “I’m sorry for both of them, but above all for what happened to Fabio because he is playing for the world title. I really know what it means to lose a race due to contact with another rider, because it has happened to me in the past. Unfortunately, racing accidents happen“.

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