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In Milan, from 1 October 2022, the entry ban in Area B for Euro 5 Diesel vehicles has taken effect.

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It was confirmed by Mayor Sala on prohibition for Euro 5 Diesel vehicles to access Area B to begin from 1 October. The decision is irrevocable and the mayor of Milan has said very clearly that there will be no step back. Meanwhile, controversies and protests are unleashed over a ban deemed unfair and which will have negative repercussions on citizens.

The decision is irrevocable

The mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, stressed that the decision to ban Euro 5 diesel vehicles from entering Area B from 1 October is based on the assumption that keep pollution values ​​low. Furthermore, the environmental transition must be accelerated, so there is no time for controversy and complaints.

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Meanwhile, to those who said that the measure is going to damage those that work and those who they just changed the car, the mayor replied that there will be no step back.

Sala’s answers did not give a positive signal to consumers and the choice of the Municipality of Milan opens up a scenario of new uncertainties, in a future that already has too many uncertainties.

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Blocking the circulation of Euro 5 diesel vehicles is wrong

But is this really what an industry expert says? A fuel expert and on the environmental impact, he reiterated that banning the circulation of Euro 5 diesel vehicles this is completely wrong. Meanwhile, he specified that in Milan the air quality continues to improve, thanks to the introduction of Euro 5 and Euro 6 cars in the car fleet.

The drastic reduction in emissions data, which are almost zero, is mainly due to the particulate matter of the Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel vehicles, which they carry no further pollutants in the air. These, on the other hand, are due to older vehicles and heavy cars, industrial plants and heating systems.

Non-exhaust emissions also play a very important role in the concentration of dust. Furthermore, on NOx, i Diesel Euro 5 they can count on clear improvements compared to past motorizations, thus eliminating any participation in the concentrations of the substance in the air. So the decision seems to have really been taken and there are no second thoughts about it by the mayor of the city of Milan, despite the numerous criticisms and complaints.

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