Do you know how many people you can bring in the car? Incredible: everyone is always wrong

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Many people wonder how many people can get into their car. The indication is written on the vehicle registration document, but there is a really intuitive trick to understand what maximum number of people it will be possible to “welcome” during a trip or a move! Here’s everything you need to know about it and how to always be in good standing!

How many people can get into the car
How many people can enter by car – Motori.News

Given the increases in diesel and petrol in recent months, limiting car use and optimizing travel could be one of the many solutions to consume less and save some money. If you have to go in a group to the same place, therefore, it will be good to consider using as few cars as possible for moving. But there is a detail to keep in mind to avoid incurring heavy penalties! How many people can get into a given car at most? What trick should you keep in mind to avoid receiving hefty fines?

Traveling with a car that is too loaded or with a higher number of people than normal could cause you to have problems while driving. Road safety would fail and the safety of passengers would be at risk. Not everyone thinks about the risks and possible consequences, but in the event of an accident having a number of people not allowed on board could have really unpleasant consequences.

How to figure out how many people it is right to bring in the car at most? The indication is present in the vehicle registration document, but there is also a little trick to never make you incur very high penalties! Which?

How many people can you bring in the car? Here is the incredible trick!

Any car can carry a variable maximum number of passengers on board. It is therefore not true that the maximum number is 5 people, as everyone is led to believe. Depending on the model, brand, power and size of the machine, the maximum number of people on board may vary. It is indicated in the vehicle registration document. However, you can also not open this document to find out what the maximum number approved for your car is. How to do?

Maximum number
Here’s how to figure out the maximum number of people you can have in your car. The trick will prevent you from having your vehicle registration document opened – Motori.News

Indeed, just count how many seat belts are in your car. If – between the front and the back – the number of seat belts present is 5, then that will also be the maximum number of people that you can have on board (including the driver)!

Furthermore, it is absolutely forbidden to carry people in the trunk. If the police were to stop you with a number of people not allowed on board, then the penalty could be very high. How much is the fine?

The sanction for this infraction can go from a minimum of 42 euros up to a maximum of 173 euros. To it, however, will also be added that concerning not wearing a seat belt. Besides, you will also risk one minimum deduction of 2 points from the driving license.

In conclusion, therefore, it is always advisable not to carry a number of people not approved for your car. The risk is to incur penalties and point deductions, in addition to the lack of what concerns the aspect relating to maximum road safety! Attention!

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