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Do you often ride a motorcycle and don’t know where to put the passenger’s helmet in some cases? Below, we will let you discover a very interesting trick that will make it easier for you in different situations! Here’s everything you need to know about this trick: it will surprise you positively!

Passenger helmet
Passenger helmet – Motori.News

Not all motorcycles are equipped with a large internal space to enter two helmets at the same time. An “inconvenience” that can make the motorcycle experience quite unpleasant in some cases. But there is a trick that will make it easier for the user to ride the motorcycle. Which? Here are all the details on a smart and – at the same time – very simple move for carrying the passenger helmet!

Anyone will have had to ride a motorcycle at least once. The highway code obliges both the driver and the passenger to wear the protective helmet. It must be approved and regularly fixed on its head, in order to protect people in the event of an accident. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a person on the saddle by making them wear a helmet! A move that will avoid incurring penalties and unpleasant risks!

But what trick will allow you to carry the passenger helmet in an easy, practical and safe way while you are driving? Here is the trick that will upset you and facilitate you in many situations on the street!

The trick to comfortably carry the passenger helmet!

If you have opened this article, you have surely come this far to find out which trick will allow you to make the transport of the passenger helmet a practical and absolutely not uncomfortable experience! We refer to all those situations in which you left home to “fetch” your friend or girlfriend! In this case you can safely carry the passenger helmet while you are driving, through a very simple way. And which nobody had thought of until today! What trick are we referring to?

Passenger helmet – Motori.News

The move we are going to analyze is called “Belt trick”! In fact, you just have to remove the belt from your trousers and – later – pass it through the passenger helmet. Once the belt is properly and securely tied to the helmet, you can easily make a very simple move!

How to carry the passenger helmet easily? Here is a stunning trick – Motori.News

Practically, you can shoulder the belt with the passenger helmet attached. When you are driving, this solution will save you any trouble and inconvenience. You will easily carry the helmet until the other person gets on your bike! Once you have met the passenger, you can untie the helmet from the belt. You will pass the helmet to the passenger and you will be able to replace the belt on your trousers again. A totally unexpected versatility for this accessory used mainly for clothing!

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