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The situation is risky throughout the peninsula, numerous speed camera columns are disappearing, that’s what happened.

Speed ​​camera column disappeared
Speed ​​camera column disappeared – Motori.News

Every day the speed camera devices disappear from the street: this time they are two 18-year-olds who have been reported for theft. After cutting the speed camera column with a hose, they loaded it on the car and took it away.

On 10 September they were denounced by the Carabinieri two eighteen year olds for having cut the speed camera column that was positioned along the road with the hose Municipality of Mussolente, in the province of Vicenza. The two were in the company of four other friends, who turned out to be absolutely unrelated to the stunt.

The two 18-year-olds had a hose hidden in the trunk of the car. After taking it out and sawing off the base of the column, the speed camera device was loaded onto the car and the two drove away. The movements of the two boys were noticed by a resident of the area and immediately alerted 112. The resident managed to take a photograph of the car’s license plate, therefore, for the police it was easy to trace the identity of the eighteen-year-olds responsible for the episode.

Stolen speed camera column: what are the two risking?

What will be the consequences of the stunt for the two 18-year-olds? What do they risk? The speed camera column was recovered by the Carabinieri and returned to the Mayor of Mussolente, who will have to proceed with the installation. The two eighteen-year-olds will have to answer the charge of multiple theft in competition. The value of the device is over a thousand euros.

Speed ​​cameras stolen: a widespread phenomenon throughout the Peninsula

The stunt of the two 18-year-olds is certainly not an isolated phenomenon, but it is concrete proof that it is a problem that affects all of Italy. It is not only cars, motorcycles and vans that are the target of thieves, but also the thieves themselves road signs are brought home are real trophies.

Speed ​​camera columns are also stolen by thieves. The function of the speed camera column is that of detect speed of cars and motorcycles on urban and extra-urban roads. Electronic speed detection systems have the fundamental function of guaranteeing the safety of traffic and of all citizens.

theft speed camera column
speed camera column disappeared –

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