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Disinfecting the interior of your car is one of the smartest ways to avoid allergies and respiratory problems. The accumulation of dust, in fact, is never good for our health. Let’s see what natural DIY products it will be good to use to have the interior of the machine always shiny and sanitized!

Self disinfect natural products
Disinfect auto natural products – Motori.News

Sanitizing the environment by making the air cleaner and more breathable is a dogma that applies in every situation and place, including the interior of your car. A thorough and constant hygiene reduces the risk of continuously breathing dust and being in contact with germs and microbes! How do you get rid of dirt and always make your machine clean and sanitized? Below, in this article we will highlight some natural and inexpensive methods to simplify this operation!

In a period of increases in every sector, it is very important to say that it is not necessary to spend huge sums to sanitize the interior of your car. There are specific products on the market for hygiene and cleaning, but they are certainly not the only weapons we have available.

It will be possible, in fact, to equip oneself with some normal natural products present in the kitchen to obtain an optimal hygienic result as far as the interior of your car is concerned! Here’s everything you need to know about these cheap DIY methods!

Natural products to always have a clean and sanitized machine!

Before proceeding with the sanitization of the interior, it is always right to eliminate crumbs and dust using a practical portable vacuum cleaner. On the market there are many models at prices of a few tens of euros. Dust will be removed from seats, mats and all interior areas. After this first removal of the coarser dirt, you can move on to the real sanitization of the interior of the car! What products to use?

To better disinfect the car, you can use simple ingredients present in the kitchen. Inside a bottle – equipped with a dispenser – it will be appropriate to enter White wine vinegara cup of bicarbonate he was born in neutral liquid soap. As far as measurements are concerned, between 100 and 120 milliliters of both white wine vinegar and liquid soap could work. Finally, don’t forget to add 50-60 milliliters of lemon juice!

Hygiene car interior
Here’s how to disinfect car interiors with natural DIY products – Motori.News

Mix the solution well, in order to obtain a perfect detergent to optimally disinfect the interior of the car. A brush and a microfibre cloth are the other accessories to bring in the car to proceed with cleaning. The cleaner will be poured into the dirty area. The brush will be used to better scrub the seats and mats. Once the dirt has been removed, it will be advisable to use the microfiber cloth to dry everything!

With the do-it-yourself detergent solution and the microfiber cloth it will also be possible to better sanitize the dashboard, the steering wheel and all the other internal parts. of the car. This natural solution will allow you to eliminate all the microbes present inside!

We close with a consideration. If the car seats are made of leather, it is always good not to use aggressive detergents, so as not to spoil this material. You can use a damp microfibre cloth with a neutral sanitizing detergent (even do-it-yourself).

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