2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Sounds Gnarly During Acceleration

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Fifteen minutes – Ford took only fifteen minutes before introducing a special edition model to the seventh-generation S650 Mustang. Known as the Mustang Dark Horse, this track-focused pony car promises more than just a cool name and badge.

And while we’re still waiting for the official video of the Dark Horse in action, YouTubers DtRockstar1 luckily ran into a custom Mustang at the Gilmore Car Museum during the 2022 Mustang Stampede. Even better, ‘The hotter handlebar was caught accelerating during the encounter – and that sounds pretty mental. Listen for yourself via the video embedded above.

Aside from the acceleration sound, we also get to see what’s under the hood of the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse. The fourth-generation Coyote 5.0-liter V8, complete with dual air intake boxes and a dual-throttle body design, is touted by Blue Oval to produce the most naturally aspirated horsepower of any Mustang GT ever. It was even further strengthened with the Mustang Dark Horse.

However, the exact number has not been released as of this writing. The Blue Oval says the Dark Horse will pack a bit more punch than the standard 2024 Ford Mustang GT with custom tuning with other improvements. The automaker is said to be aiming for 500 horsepower (373 kilowatts) for the Dark Horse.

Hearing his actions above, we have absolutely no doubts about these claims. But we can say we’re pretty happy with what Ford has in store for the 2024 Mustang and the rest of the lineup.

Now, if you’re reading this and you’re not in North America, don’t worry because it looks like Ford will be offering a version of the Dark Horse globally. This is all but confirmed with automakers filing trademarks for the name around the world. All that’s left now is the official announcement.

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