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Having a car nowadays is almost like having a child. In fact, in addition to having to feed and maintain it, we must always keep an eye on it and avert possible threats. Very often for distraction or haste it happens to leave the car open or, even worse, turned on with the four arrows. These little distractions can be costly, especially in the event that our precious vehicle is stolen.

Car theft
Car theft –

What does the highway code say?

The fine for the open car is one of the most controversial (and fair) stories of the highway code. If we pause for a moment to reflect, however, it is not so wrong. In Italy, under the heading 414 of the penal code, there is the crime of instigation to theft. This article finds guilty whoever gives the possibility to the ill-intentioned to commit a crime. I’ll explain…

If we leave the car open in a parking lot, it is almost certain that a thief will break into it and take it away with him. The article also specifies that all damage to property and people can also be treated as contest at fault between us the owner and the thief. The reason is very simple: if we hadn’t left the car, this would never have happened.

The speech does not change even with regard to the windows. Whether it is summer or winter, the latter must be strictly closed and checked before getting out of the car. As accessing the car from a window, even if it is slightly open, is not at all impossible.

Even with the keys inserted in the panel there is a risk of a penalty, because the car becomes more attractive in front of a hypothetical thief. In the end, this category of “workers” does not want to attract attention and for this reason it is easier to exercise their profession thanks to our small oversights. The violation of article 414 can lead to penalties ranging from 41 to 168 euros.

Car theft, if you don't do it every time you get off
Car theft, if you don’t do it every time you get off –

If my car is stolen anyway?

In this case, a theft report must be submitted to the police or carabinieri. The complaint can be made by the owner of the vehicle or by any other person, as long as they are from the same family unit.

It is then necessary to contact the Public Automobile Register (PRA), to notify the loss of possession of the vehicle. This request is essential to suspend the obligation to pay the stamp duty. A receipt will then be issued to the holder of the vehicle certifying the actual loss of possession of the vehicle. It is also advisable to notify your insurance company as well.

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