Car scrapping, in this case they won’t let you do it: a real disaster

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The procedure for car scrapping is usually quite simple, however sometimes there can be some hitches. Let’s find out in which case it is not possible to scrap the car.

Car scrapping
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When dealing with car scrapping, it is normal to present certain documents, which are necessary to carry out the procedure correctly. What’s it about? Car scrapping consists of destroying dated vehicles that cannot be resold.

To perform the procedure it is necessary that all documents relating to the car are in place. However, there is a case in which it is not possible to scrap the car and it is that of administrative detention. Let’s try to clarify this topic.

Because car scrapping is done

When should a car be scrapped usually? A car is scrapped when it is now dated and neither is it resalable. Very often it is chosen to scrap the car in phase buying a new carand in several cases state incentives are also offered.

What happens when a car has been scrapped? In detail, when the car is scrapped it comes deleted from the Public Registers and demolished in authorized collection centers. The owner is given a certificate of destruction stating that he is no longer responsible for the vehicle and only has to pay any outstanding taxes such as road tax or fines.

The document is sent to the Pra (Public vehicle register) within thirty days of demolition, by the specialized center or by the owner.

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With the administrative detention you cannot scrape the car

As the rules established by the ACIto scrap the car it is necessary to verify that the car is not bound by an administrative detention. It is an act that does not allow the owner any activity of sale, rental and demolition.

What to do to remove the administrative detention? To remove the administrative detention, the taxpayer must immediately pay the debt, in order to obtain the cancellation. After about 20 days, the taxpayer will be sent the necessary documentation to start the car scrapping procedure.

Upon delivery of the vehicle, he must therefore present the license plate, the registration certificate and the certificate of ownership.

The structures that carry out the scrapping procedure have agreements with authorized sorting centers and carry out the operation with an average cost which is around 60€, to which must be added those to transport the vehicle to the sorting center. Now you are clear if your car has one of these problems it cannot be scrapped.

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