Fiat Fastback, the Abarth version is flaming: never seen such a beast

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The new Fiat Fastback Coupé SUV is finally out, the car was officially presented in Brazil, where it is deeply rooted. Moreover, in Goiana, in the state of Pernambuco, one of the largest plants in Stellantis is located, with a production capacity of 280,000 per year.

Fiat Fastback

The sinuous shapes make it a new model, but what should car enthusiasts expect? Let’s find out more about this car that aims to become a benchmark in the South American market and not only. The big SUV Coupe could take the place of many others in a few weeks.

The shapes of this new Fiat car are really different from the usual ones. Innovative, because beyond than to be sinuous, I am also very generousin fact the car is 4.43m long, 1.78m wide, has a wheelbase of 2.53m and a wheelbase of 1.54m.

Built on the platform of the Fiat Pulse, the new Fiat Fastback is a particularly muscular car, it resembles much in the Pulse formsbut it differs from it in bumpers and headlights, with an innovative design.

This SUV coupe has a powerful yet slender linelet’s find out more details on the passenger compartment, luggage compartment, engines and fittings.


Very large interior and luggage compartment

The car will be available in six shades, Vulcano Black, Banchisa White, Strato Gray, Bari Silver, Silverstone Gray and Monte Carlo Red, this exceptional Fiat Fastback SUV has a dashboard in which it is present a console with suspended screen and placed at the top.

The climate controls are positioned under the vents and it has three-spoke steering with multimedia controls. Rather large is the luggage compartmentcapacity of 600 liters that can increase up to 1,087 liters by lowering the rear seat backrests.


Equipment and engines of the new Fiat Fastback Coupé SUV

The new Fiat Fastback Coupé SUV has three trim levels, Audace, Impetus and Limited Edition. Audace and Impetus are endowed with unity Turbo 200 Flex with 130 HP ethanol power, while it is 125 hp with petrol. The two versions go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 9.4 seconds.

There Limited Edition Powered by Abarth is the version sportier and has a Turbo 270 Flex engine, capable of delivering 185 hp if powered by ethanol, while it is 180 hp with petrol. Equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, it goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just 8.1 seconds.

Another important detail of the Fiat Fastback is that it also features three driving modes, Normal, Manual and Sport. It seems that at the moment the Old Continent market is not in the launch plans for this car.

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