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For another month the Italians can be considered safe and lucky because the extension of the cut in excise duties on fuels has been established.

Fuel –

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco in collaboration with the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani through a inter-ministerial decree have established that the measure that should have contained fuel prices at the latest until 5 October, it will continue until October 17th.

All the news on the excise cut extension

On the other hand there was nothing else to do given that in Italy the costs of fuel, both as regards the diesel, that gasoline or LPG have skyrocketed. This was influenced by both the Russia-Ukraine war which made things increasingly difficult and the pandemic.

Many families today are struggling to make it to the end of the month, even some of these decide to postpone the shopping as long as possible, to do not burden bank accounts.

Then there are those who prefer to go out on foot rather than use the car, because every km traveled involves a considerable expense that not everyone can afford to deal with. The cut in excise duties is currently 25 cents per liter plus VAT. As far as LPG is concerned, there is talk of a reduction of 8.5 cents plus VAT.

If the government has decided to extend the cut in excise duties for a few more weeks, it is only because it wants to give more help to the people in view of the elections.

The costs served and do it yourself from gasoline to methane

At the moment everyone is asking themselves a question, what is the cost of petrol, methane and diesel in self-service and served mode throughout Italy? The price of gasoline on average nationwide is 1.722 per liter, generally ranging from 1.71 1 to 1.732. Instead as regards the served mode the cost is 1,872 euros per liter. Prices range from 1.801 to 1.926 euros.

As for diesel in self-service mode, the average price is 1,829. Companies in general they set a cost ranging from 1.814 to 1.846 per liter. While the service, always diesel, costs 1.975 per liter, the average price ranges from 1.904 to 2.051 €.

Finally, there is the LPG which is on sale at a cost that varies between 0.797 and 0.820 euros per liter. The price of methane ranges from 3,020 to 3,357 euros. Even methane, which once had a low and average cost, has reached incredibly high levels.

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