Car tax, this is the last day to pay it: be careful that the fine will ruin you

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The car tax is the most hated tax by Italians, many decide not to pay it because it is excessive and deemed useless. Actually care should be taken.

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September 30th is the last day to pay the tax on cars that have the car tax expired in August. Within this period it is possible to comply with the payments without having to pay the late payment.

This term also applies to vehicles that have been enrolled for the first time from 22 August 2022, until 20 September 2022.

Car tax paid late, that’s what happens

Should the user decide to pay the car tax after the deadline of 30 September 2022, in addition to the tax itself, he will have to pay the penalties and interest calculated based on the delay.

Something has changed since 6 July 2011 when a different, “quick” repayment was introduced which applies a reduced penalty of 0.2% for each day of delay. Therefore, if the payment is settled within two weeks of the expiry of the term, the daily interest of only 14 days must be paid.

There are those who, before paying the stamp duty, make calculations to understand if the established sum is correct or not. There are some sites that allow you to do this, for example that dell‘Revenue Agency, but it may also be incorrect. So it is better to go to the Practices Agency which calculates the amount exactly, avoiding having problems in the future.

Car tax –

Many people wonder if it is necessary to pay car or motorcycle tax, even if the vehicle is stopped in the garage. The answer is yes, because it is not a tax that covers the half when it circulates, but a property tax that can be paid wherever you are, in any Italian region.

In case of checks by the police, it is not necessary to provide the receipt of the stamp because the checks in this case are not up to the Police road but to the region. The exception is valid only for mopeds up to 50cc and for minicars or for historic and vintage cars, whose tax is verified by the police.

How and where to pay the stamp duty

You can pay the stamp duty anywhere in the country tobacconists, in the bank, at the post office or even to facilitate operations even on the internet.

If it has already expired, unfortunately, nothing can be done but pay it with the addition of interest. For the annual stamp duty expired by one year, a reduced surcharge. For the car tax that has expired for more than one year, the penalty is full and is 30%

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