‘Ears parched’ if you hear this noise, stop immediately: you risk destroying the car

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When driving a car it is always advisable to pay attention to any noise or inconvenience compared to the norm. The risk of breaking or damaging the car, in fact, is always around the corner. Here’s everything you need to know about a particular case and item!

Noise in the car
Noise in cars – Motori.News

It often happens that you hear strange noises or vibrations while you are behind the wheel of your car. In most cases, these are just our suggestions and any problems will disappear immediately. Other times, however, – especially if the noise persists – it is always better to find out more about the possible causes. In particular, a specific noise is likely to cause you to lose control of your car.

How do you understand the problem? Which element could have been damaged? Here’s all there is to know!

If you feel the car vibrate excessively or if you notice a strange noise coming from the tires, we recommend that you stop immediately. All the more so if the steering wheel were to shift by itself to the right or left without your precise command! Which element could have been damaged? How to replace it? Here’s everything you need to know about a very important aspect!

Anomaly and excessive noise: this is what happened and why you have to stop now!

In case of loud noise and high vibrations, the ball joint may have been damaged or worn. What is it about? This element is part of the chassis and suspension of your car. The purpose of a joint is to connect the suspension to the steering wheel. It allows the wheels to turn smoothly, preventing them from moving along their normal vertical axis. What if the ball joint breaks?

In the event of a spherical joint (or bearing) breaking, the wheel will move without limit causing countless problems. They concern both the road safety, since the driver will find it difficult to maintain a straight pace, as well as several other things. Indeed, a totally “crazy” wheel risks breaking the bumper and damaging the suspension!

But what are the symptoms that inform you of the rupture of the ball joint? If a joint breaks, then you may hear a annoying metallic noise right from the front suspension. The louder the noise, the greater the risk of complete breakage. To avoid this, the advice we give you is to stop immediately and fix the thing with the help of an experienced mechanic!

Ball joint
Ball joint: this is what happens when it breaks – Motori.News

From the suspension of the vehicle, in addition to excessive noise, you may experience strong vibrations in case of damage to the ball joint. You will feel the vibration on both the suspension and the steering wheel!

Another clear symptom of joint damage concerns theexcessive wear of the front tires. But the most evident symptom – as already mentioned – is in reference to the steering wheel much more complicated to hold in a stable position. If you notice one or more of these problems, replace the damaged part immediately!

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