BMW M1 wheels are rare for sale and the price is not cheap

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The BMW M1 is legendary for the Bavarian brand. In a failed attempt to collaborate with Lamborghini for the production of race cars for homologation, the first standalone M car was born. It was produced from 1978 to 1981, with just over 400 units ever made. To say that the M1 is a rare find would be an understatement, even more so if you’re only talking about their wheels.

However, a set of BMW M1 wheels came up for sale on eBay. They’re not cheap, though; they sell for $18,700 before shipping. This means these wheels are even more expensive than the Mitsubishi Mirage or Chevrolet Spark – cars you can buy new today.

Indeed, these wheels are custom made by Campagnolo, who is a company known for supplying alloy wheels to Formula One in the 70s. Campagnolo also makes magnesium alloy wheels for companies such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.

But these wheels are practically unusable, especially the original Pirelli P7 tires that came with them. They weren’t even in pristine condition to warrant such a price but then again, to each his own. It would be a museum item, at best, but if someone wants to use it for another car, be aware that they come in a 5×120 bolt pattern with the rear wheel wider than the front.

However, not much information is listed about the wheels being sold, except that 20 people are watching the list as of this writing and that the item is currently in Jacksonville, Florida.

The seller, who uses the name mrsosaalso sells other antiques on eBay, which include a watch brochure, some jewelry, and two Lamborghini Diablo manuals.

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