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A task force made up of the Police, Municipal and Arma dei Carabinieri, coordinated by the Police Commissioner, arranged for thorough checks. The goal is to check what happens on Saturday night during the nightlife and to avoid massacres.


The police, together with the municipal forces and the carabinieri, kept the nightlife and what happens especially in the city center under control. Or where you are they gather young people on Saturday evenings.

But what is the purpose of this operation carried out by the police? The purpose of this operation is ascertain what happens during the meetings and to prevent episodes such as alcohol abuse, drug dealing, harassment, which have been very frequent in recent times.

There are many young people who risk ending up in the network of those who try to attract them into unclear situations. But what is the task force actually doing to avoid these tragedies? So, to prevent that tragedies can happen, the task force coordinated by the Questore will carry out tight checks on Saturday evening. Let’s see what happens.

Roadblock –

Checkpoints set up and acoustic systems checked

Summer is ending but police patrols checks e carabinieri of Perugia they continue, mainly in the downtown areas, in order to prevent drug dealing, alcohol abuse and fights from occurring.

The Municipal Police and the Carabinieri they also checked the Porta Sole area and some streets and squares such as via Baldeschi, Piazza Braccio Fortebraccio, Piazza Danti, Piazza Alfani and also the area of ​​the Scalette dell’Acquedotto.

They have been set up checkpoints and they were also checked the acoustic systems to see if they complied with the regulations.

Nine public businesses were also subject to investigations

During the control operations, nine public establishments were also subjected to checks by the police. The carabinieri and the various police forces have ascertained even if they are respected the cut-off times to administer alcoholic beverages and if they are sold to minors.

checkpoints –

Besides this, what is being done to avoid the Saturday night massacres? In addition, to prevent the massacres that often occur on Saturday evenings, the task force also carried out checks on the street front. He monitored 145 vehicles monitored and sanctioned 15 drivers for infringements of the Highway Code.

Among these there was also one fine of 866 euros it’s a of 173 euros against a 27-year-old because he was driving his car without revised and without insurance.

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