Here’s How Ferrari Purosangue’s TrueActive Multimatic Silencer Works

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There is so much to write about the Ferrari Purosangue. After all, this is the first four-door production model and will be one of the last to carry the naturally aspirated V12. It is also the first to use a modular platform that can accommodate a hybrid powertrain. Just don’t call it Ferrari’s first SUV as it’s more of a five-door grand tourer than an adventure vehicle.

But among the pool of information that comes with the long-awaited model, there is one that you should not miss – the Ferrari Purosangue is the first model to use the Ferrari Active Suspension Technology (FAST) system.

In an effort to provide the best ride quality and handling for its new model, Ferrari turned to the Multimatic and the Damper TrueActive Spool Valve (TASV) system. The Purosangue is the first model to use the Canadian company’s technology, which promises top performance, stability and ride comfort – all delivered without compromise.

The TASV Multimatic silencer aims to redefine the role of the silencer. He claims that the existing passive and adaptive dampers are reactive systems that react to driver input and road conditions. In contrast, the TASV Silencer is said to be truly active – capable of exerting force on the vehicle at anticipation road conditions and driving maneuvers.

In short, TASV Dampers claims to adjust everything to optimal settings before they happen. This is made possible through the use of an electric motor with a spool valve damper to supplement the vehicle’s springs with parallel force drive.

From release:

TASV Dampers utilize a unique liquid-cooled 48V three-phase brushless electric motor to provide additional power via dual lead ball screws and a bespoke gearbox assembly into the damper shaft. The system is efficiently designed to minimize package space, weight and rotational inertia.

In the Ferrari Purosangue, each damper actuator assembly is equipped with a built-in motor control module that receives direct commands from the vehicle dynamics controller based on a control strategy that optimizes vehicle performance and passenger ride comfort.

“TrueActive Dampers were created to empower suspension systems with the ability to simultaneously deliver what the driver wants, what the tires want, and what the vehicle needs to achieve performance and levels of vehicle control that go far beyond what is possible with adaptive and electronic electronics. semi-active system,” said Raj Nair, President and COO of Multimatic.

“This truly innovative technology is the culmination of the Multimatic experience with optimization of vehicle dynamics, development of the suspension system and unique spool valve damping, embedded in a product that provides optimal on-track capability and on-road driveability.”

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