Broken car key in the lock, with the trick of the paper clip you can take it out in a flash

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You were about to start the car and it broke in the block? Don’t worry, try the paper clip trick and free your car in no time, let’s find out how!

broken key

When it happens that the car key does breaks in the ignition lock it’s a good trouble, especially when you don’t know how to behave and what to do. Unfortunately, if you have an old-fashioned car, it is normal that it is equipped with an ignition system that requires you to insert the key in the lock to turn it on and in the lock to open the doors.

This does not happen with modern cars, equipped with digital opening, but not everyone has this type of car, so knowing how to get out of this problem is crucial to start again. Here’s what to do if something like this happens to you.

Broken car key –

The paperclip to extract the broken car key from the lock

A first solution to try to extract the broken key from the lock is that to lubricate the block with a product that does not contain graphite. This is an effective method of extracting the broken key.

But another method that can help solve the problem is that of the paper clip. With this method you have to reposition the key part located in the lock in to guide the paper clip and slowly insert it into the lock.

As soon as the paper clip adheres to the key, continue slowly pulling out the piece remained in the ignition lock. The same procedure can be done using of a hacksaw blade and using the blade as a lever, grasping the teeth of the wrench by rotating the blade itself.

A pliers to pull the broken key into the ignition lock

One method of extracting the key left in the car’s ignition is that of the caliper. This tool must have the long and thin tips pto be able to engage the key that has remained in the ignition lock.

To try to remove it, you have to try to widen the block and put the thin and long tips of the pliers between the walls of the lock and the key. Know that, by performing this movement, the keyhole it will undergo a kind of dilation.

To prevent it from being damaged, therefore, use this remedy only if the others have not worked.

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