Goodbye car tax, here are three (legal) ways to NEVER pay it: unbelievable but true

Farewell car tax once and for all. Due to inflation in recent months, Italian families have found themselves in extreme difficulty. Living has become practically impossible, to move forward you always have to give up something.

farewell car tax
farewell car

Shopping, fueling, has become really difficult. Today many families prefer to travel on public transport rather than to pay taxes to be in good standing with your vehicle, or to get fuel.

Here because the Government has decided to go to the rescue of all those who need help immediate economic. And here’s how he’s doing it. Drivers will soon have the option of not paying the car tax.

Car tax –

Car tax, the most hated tax by Italians

These measures on the road tax have actually been expected for many years. At the start of the pandemic, the payment of the car tax has been suspended. Many families, falling into the lucky categories, have been able to skip the payment of a tax.

This is one of the most hated taxes by Italians because it must be paid for the first time within on the last day of the month after enrollment. This means facing expense on expense and the amount of one thing and the other is not a trivial matter. This is why the car tax does not have the same expiry date for all motorists. There are twelve different deadlines which vary according to when the car was registered.

Cases in which paying the car tax is not necessary

The first way to avoid paying the car tax is own a vintage car because if these are regularly registered in the special registers, they are exempt.

The second method is that allows you to reset the stamp is to buy an electric car, because non-polluting cars do not have to pay the road tax. Some Regions, give the opportunity to take advantage of this facility only for up to five years after purchase. In other areas of Italy, however, this is an unlimited provision.

Finally, here is the last way to achieve zeroing. It is a more human motivation. If you are, in some way and for some reason, a beneficiary of law 104, you are entitled to the exemption. This category not only does he not pay the stamp duty but you can also enjoy other benefits when purchasing the vehicle.

These are the three cases in which it is allowed, in a completely legal way, not to pay the stamp duty without a courier at the risk of receiving penalties. Who does not pay the road tax without falling into these 3 categories, he will have to do so with increases in the following period.

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