it solves a problem we all drive

There is a trick that not everyone knows, which has to do with any car in the world. It involves holding down the button to open the car even from a distance, while heading towards the cockpit to go away. A minor action, it manages to give great results.

Remote control of the car
Remote control of the car- Motori.News

If you hold down the button to open the car, you can cool down without having to get in. In the summer, an overheated car is unpleasant, as well as too dangerous for those traveling inside. When the vehicle remains parked in the sun for a long time, you are afraid to re-enter because the temperature in the passenger compartment is certainly very high, to suffocate.

But there is a trick that allows you to cool the car without having to get in, open windows or turn on the air conditioning. In such a way that it only rises when the temperature has dropped a few degrees and has become acceptable. This is especially important when there are childrenwhich by law, precisely, cannot be left in the car or when there are people who suffer from blood circulation problems.

Here’s what you can do with the button to open the car

When the car is very hot, not even the best air conditioner can cool the vehicle in no time. Rather it needs several minutes to cool down. Getting into a very hot vehicle is not recommended because other temperatures can even be the cause of dizziness which can be fatal if it occurs while driving.

The trick of the button to open the car becomes indispensable

That’s what the key is for. Many car models have a key with remote control, hold down the button above the remote control for at least 5 seconds. This also acts remotely and thus opens the windows, all at the same time so as to let the hot air out, making the air circulate better and evacuating hot air, albeit slowly. In this way when you get into the car it is much less hot so you can easily turn on the air which immediately gives fantastic results. The vehicle cools down really fast because the heat is much less than normal.

A very simple, but fantastic trick in its small way because it allows us to solve a problem which can cause a lot of discomfort. This is a device that cannot replace the air conditioning, but that allows it to start an initial cooling of the passenger compartment opening doors faster and more effectively. Not many knew this trick, it is certain that those who have discovered it now, will put it into practice right away.

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