this very serious mistake will ruin you

Driving with your hand on the gearbox can be the cause of major problems, even unsuspected ones.

Hand on the gearbox
Hand on gearbox – Motori.News

This is unfortunately a bad habit common to many that puts you at risk the safety of those traveling on the vehicle.

This is because with just one hand, it becomes really difficult to grip the steering wheel.

Hand on the gearbox

What is the risk of keeping your hand on the gearbox while driving

Don’t overlook the fact that holding your hand on the gearbox while driving can also cause serious damage to the gear lever. The shift selector forks were designed for contact the rotating collar for only a few seconds or at most minutes. If you hold it over your hand, all you do is apply light continuous pressure, even though you don’t even realize it. In this way, the forks continually rub against the rotating collar and cause wear.

A second habit is to keep your foot resting on the clutch even when there is no reason. Many do it, however strange or useless it may seem, it is. What you risk is engage the clutchparticularly in the case of a clutch that detaches at the top, it happens that it overheats and therefore wears out.

A tip, in order not to damage the car engine is not to let it overheat too much after a few minutes of ignition. This means that you should run the engine for at least 10 seconds before driving off. There are very few but things change. The engine also strains by simply shifting the gear. If you engage a gear that is too high, going at a low speed, you put stress on the engine, just like when shifting too low a gear at high speed.

Other common mistakes

A common mistake that everyone makes is to brake continuously, it is very dangerous because yes risks causing rear-end collisions or accidents as well as wearing the brake pads and discs without a real need. Especially now, in times of crisis, many they avoid refueling until it is really needed, that is until the machine risks not turning on anymore. Yet getting the car to go into reserve is wrong because it causes damage to the fuel pump. It happens that the dirt and dust that usually go to the bottom, they return to circulation after use.

If suddenly they appear on the dashboard of warning lights, never ignorant. There are those who, not knowing the meaning of the warning lights, ignore them and pretend nothing has happened. This is wrong because if at the beginning it were nonsense, there is a risk of finding great damage and problems that then force us to spend three times the normal amount.

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