Seat belt, nobody knows how the second buckle works: it saves your life

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All of us travel practically every day by car for short or long distances. Almost everyone has noticed the second seat belt buckle, but not everyone is familiar with its function.

Security belt
Seat belt –

In reality, few really know all the parts that go to make up a car, also why there are so many and they are difficult to recognize. We often ask ourselves questions to understand what one component is for compared to another. We hardly go in search of the answer.

For example, many will have noticed that each seat of the cars is the same as the other except that of the driver who has something special. On the passenger seat there is a buckle, located right on the seat belt. This looks like a rubber band. Obviously it’s not for decoration, but it has one specific function, particular. In the driver’s chair, he is not present but there is a reason.

Seat belt –

What is the purpose of the extra buckle on the seat belt

The extra buckle located on the belt goes to strengthen the safety of the session on the medium. It is not considered essential but it is still important. On any vehicle, whether it is a sports coupe, a luxury sedan with seats and all the interiors in leather, or a very simple utility car, safety turns out to be fundamental.

The seat belt buckle ensures that it does not tears following a very strong impact therefore makes it more resistant. If this happens, passengers could be seriously damaged or injured or even the impact could be fatal. As if that weren’t enough, this buckle not only prevents passengers from being injured, but also promotes comfort inside the cabin. Especially over the past few months the manufacturers are doing what they can to add on all more vehicles security options.

The difference between the driver seat and the passenger seat

All these tricks mean that the new cars are always safer and that, the seat belts are strong and always operational especially when a violent impact occurs. In the case of the extra belt, in fact, the body at most could move a few centimeters going forward, but nothing more.

Things change for those who drive. For the driver’s side, in fact, instead of the double belt there is only a very small plastic button. This represents the maximum elongation limit of the belt that allows the driver to be protected in any case, even after a very heavy impact.

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