Fiat 600, the new compact SUV drives everyone crazy: the price is rock bottom

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The rumor of a new compact SUV from Fiat has started to circulate on the web. Many believe that the car concerned is a new version of the Fiat 600 in an electric SUV version. They are just indiscretions and there is nothing official. Online, however, the first render of the possible new model appeared. And it has already aroused curiosity!

New fiat 600 SUV
New fiat 600 SUV – Motori.News

Fans of the Fiat 600 they might be incredibly surprised next year. The CEO of StellantisCarlos Tavares – warned everyone in an interview some time ago about possible new changes for the future. In fact, he has announced that two new electric prototypes related to the famous B segment will be placed on the market. Could the Fiat 600 be one of the two examples? What has emerged in the last few hours?

Some photos of this hypothetical new model of the Fiat 600 have started to circulate on the web. A real one render, so. The images have triggered several positive reactions and have already begun to make fans of this historic car dream. The render was produced and designed by Kleber Silva of ‘KDesign’. The man showed the hypothetical and mysterious image of the possible new Fiat 600.

Will this rumor be confirmed in the future? Will the hypothetical B-SUV really be called the New Fiat 600 or will it have another name? We are only in the field of assumptions, but all this was enough to unleash media attention on the Italian car manufacturer!

New Fiat 600, the indiscretion and the render on this hypothetical B-SUV

Some aesthetic and technical details on this hypothetical new electric SUV car have also been hypothesized in the rendering! The logo with the number ‘600’ may be placed on the front of the machine. This indiscretion that emerged was launched by the ‘Passione Auto Italiane’ website. Other details have also been hypothesized on the portal.

The hypothetical new Fiat 600: here’s what we know about this possible new car – Motori.News

Probably this hypothetical new car (and all the others that will be launched in the B segment) will have many aspects similar to the style of the Fiat Centoventi. The render refers to the Opel Mokka in many respects, but probably the style – as mentioned above – will not be that.

Stellantis wants to design cars launched into the electric future, guaranteeing a continuation with tradition. The electric cars, therefore, will be futuristic, but always with a reminder of the tradition and of the historic Fiat models.

What is certain is that in the first quarter of next year, Fiat will present two new models in the B segment, as said previously. Not only the name of the 600 has been mentioned, but also of the Panda, the Punto and the Uno Cross. We will see what the Italian car manufacturer will propose!

Confirmations or clear denials are expected in the coming weeks on these rumors and on the hypothetical images circulated on the web regarding the new Fiat 600. For now we can not help but clarify what is happening, letting thousands and thousands of fans dream!

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