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No one would have ever imagined it, but for one category the Telepass is finally free. To benefit from it are the motorcyclists, who can have it for free under certain conditions, let’s find out which ones.

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The service fee is zeroed for motorcyclists Telepass Family, news that will make all two-wheelers happy. In addition to having extended for the whole of 2022 30% discount for motorcyclistsTelepass has decided not to charge the fee for the Telepass Family device.

The entry of other competitors, including Unipol, in the management of motorways, is generating additional benefits for users and at the moment the favorites are precisely two-wheel enthusiasts. Here are what they are The conditions to be respected for be able to take advantage of the discount.

Conditions for having the free Telepass

What happened when the liberalization decree was approved? Since the liberalization decree it is no longer mandatory to stop for the passage on the motorway and other advantageous innovations have sprung up.

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Who are the motorcyclists who will be able to get the telepass for free? The bikers they can have the free Telepass are those who result former customers of Autostrade SpA Specifically, they must have previously activated the 30% motorcycle discount.

In addition, they must also be customers of Telepass pay or Telepass pay x offers, and they must have accepted the offers just mentioned until next August.

Who possesses these requirements will have the free Telepass Family, which corresponds to the basic subscription that allows you to take advantage of all Telepass services. The customer will therefore not have to pay the fee, but only the pass for the motorway entrances that he has requested.

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What the offer actually consists of

So what kind of telepass subscription will the customer have in detail? In detail, the customer who has a Telepass Pay x subscription, may have for 2 years the fee is free Telepass Family. Also, it will have even 50% cash back on expenses such as parking in blue stripes, refueling and road tax.

The facilities granted to motorcyclists already customers have as a goal that to incentivize them to stay. The free offer proposed by Autostrade for those who have certain options already activated aims precisely at this, not to lose customers for the Telepass service.

The concession agreement has been prepared fra Aiscatthe Association of motorway concessionaires, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

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