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Today we hear a lot about apartment thefts and you have to be careful, because one of the most dangerous techniques is that of the car registration document. Let’s find out what it is!

Car registration
Trick of the car booklet – Motori.News

The bad guys are increasingly aggressive and there is no respite on thefts from homes, which frighten the victims and endanger their lives. To enter the house, thieves resort to any expedient, even the most unexpected, from that of the adhesive to the glue, from the plastic sheet to the car registration document.

The latter is one of the more unusual techniques that the thieves have used so far, and we must not underestimate it, but we must always be very careful. Let’s see below what the car registration technique used by thieves to steal houses and rob them completely.

How the libretto technique works

Let’s see in detail how the booklet technique works: it is a different technique from the usual ones, which involves the identification by the thieves of the victims of the victims to be hit. Once identify the cars of the victims, thieves open them e they check the bookletwhich all or almost all leave in the car, to show it during any checks by the police.

There are those who take a photo of the booklet to take the addresses of the victims, there are even those steals booklet and house keys. It is normal to leave the latter in the car, especially if you have to go to the beach, or maybe go shopping.

So what’s the result? The result is that the thieves go to the homes of the victimsthey open the door undisturbed And they take everything away what they can grab. Basically, they clean up the houses without even forcing the front door.

thieves in the house
thieves at home –

Apartment thefts are frequent in Italy

In our country, unfortunately, apartment thefts are quite frequent and, as can be seen from the data, one is burgled every 3 minutes. The 60% of Italians is afraid of being robbedand those who have tried this experience know very well that it is truly traumatic.

Finding yourself with the house upside down and almost empty is certainly not a beautiful thing apart from the great fear. The time of day when thefts occur most is the one between 6pm and 9pm, but even those between 15 and 18 in the afternoon and between 21 and noon are quite risky. So now you know the little trick in the booklet so be really careful.

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