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Mosquito spray in the car: you need not only to protect yourself from insect bites, but also for something else. It saves your life.

Spray mosquitoes in the car
Spray mosquitoes in the car – Motori.News

Among the most “intelligent” gadgets and useful tricks to always carry in the car is the bottle of mosquito spray. Mosquitoes in cars are not only annoying, they can also be distracting for the driver and can cause an accident. For this, it is good to keep a bottle of mosquito repellent in the car. This remedy can save your life, but remember that you don’t need it just for insect bites.

Mosquito spray: how to avoid insect bites?

While you are driving, it is possible that some mosquitoes enter the passenger compartment of the car and can distract you while driving or even bite you. Often and willingly you resort to using mosquito spray that you find on the shelves of supermarkets or specialized shops, but they are not always the best solution. It is necessary to be very careful to use chemical-based remedies as the substances contained are assimilated by our human body.

spray mosquitoes in the car
mosquito spray in the car – Motorinews.it

The most effective solution to prevent mosquito bites and to remove these annoying insects from the passenger compartment is to resort to natural repellents. You may not know that the first valid remedy to keep mosquitoes away from the cockpit of your car is to leave the air conditioner turned on. These insects prefer a warm, humid climate. Therefore, with air conditioning they tend not to survive and run away.

Another valid natural and ecological remedy to keep mosquitoes away from the cockpit of your car is to prepare one blend of lemongrass and fragrant essential oils, which annoy these insects. You can get yourself a citronella-based electric diffuser to plug into the USB socket and say goodbye to these pesky bugs forever.

Creating a citronella-based spray allows you to keep mosquitoes away in an economic, green and natural way, especially if there are children and pets in the car.

A natural mosquito repellent is the most effective and best solution for not irritating sensitive skin, it contains plant substances that are safe for your health and non-polluting for the environment. Repellents have a beneficial effect on the human organism because they are made with peppermint essential oilwhich helps improve mental focus.

You can delight in making a blend of eucalyptus oil, lemon, olive oil and coconut oil. Just take a 100 ml bottle and you need to mix 90 ml of coconut and olive oil and ten ml of eucalyptus and lemon oil. After mixing, just apply the natural repellent on the skin and that’s it.

Spray for mosquitoes in the car: maybe you did not know that it is used for something else …

Mosquito spray in the car not only serves to protect you from bites, but allows you to clean the headlights of your car. If your car’s headlights are dull or yellowed, just spray some natural repellent on a cloth and wipe off the specks of dust. Having mosquito spray in the car saves our lives and allows us to drive safely by preventing light from being filtered through the opaque headlights.

mosquito spray
mosquito spray in the car – Motorinews.it

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