Autostrade, toll reimbursement finally arrives: you can apply like this

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Millions of Italians use the motorway every day to travel for work or for any other reason. On the motorway it is not difficult to be faced with an accident and therefore end up being the victim of long queues and traffic that in some cases prevent you from proceeding towards your destination while respecting the timetables.

Toll refund
Toll refund – Motori.News

This is a big problem both when you have to take a plane and can’t afford to overshoot, and when you go to work. Daily or almost daily delays are not allowed or admitted everywhere.

Fortunately, from now on, you can ask for a refund in case of delay. In all this at least there is something positive.

The queues on the motorway and the delays, this is how it was decided to ‘solve’ the problem

Summer is almost over but not everyone has stopped traveling. There is someone who has not yet given up and has not lost the desire to move from one place to another, for this reason the highway is always crowded and thus causes many inconveniences.

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It happens to be in the midst of confusion as well as of run into closed motorway sections by accident, or sections closed for safety works. All this does not allow you to travel the route without obstacles, problems, within the established times.

But do not worry because from this year onwards a interesting service which has to do with freeways and reimbursements. Travelers who have activated the Free to X service can request a refund in the event of a delay in traveling on certain stretches of the motorway.

To request a refund not one must necessarily be in possession of the Telepass. You can only access the free Free to X app, which was launched to facilitate requests, enter personal data, then the vehicle license plate, the engine once the data has been received proceeds with the check and calculate the refund automatically. A very important turning point.

How the refund is calculated

The refund it is calculated considering the normal travel time of the journey and the actual one used to travel it, due to slowdowns. Refunds can be requested after 10 minutes of delay.

The reimbursed fee ranges from 25% to 100% of the toll, so it goes in proportion to the delay. The longer you delay due to traffic conditions, the higher the refund. The travel time, on the other hand, is calculated taking into account a speed that appears to be average, 100 km / h as for cars and 70km / h for all heavy vehicles.

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