Car, the gang of keys arrives: attention

One of the bad habits we have is leaving some valuables in our car. For example, house keys are one of the elements that are mostly left unattended in the car. But at what risk? Some bad guys could steal your keys and enter your home undisturbed!

The band of keys
The gang of keys – Motori.News

For forgetfulness or for simple convenience it will have happened to everyone to leave the house keys in their car at least once. A gesture that is repeated daily by millions of people. But no one thinks about the risks and consequences in the event of the car being stolen or simply stealing the keys. Moreover, many people leave the bunch of keys in plain sight, ‘encouraging’ the bad guys to enter the car to steal the precious object! What to do? How to protect yourself?

Especially in some areas of your city, the risk of being stolen by organized gangs of thieves is very high. In fact, periodically, news arrives from all over Italy of people who suffer the theft of house keys and other valuables left unattended in the parked car.

It doesn’t matter how long you have to stay away from the car. Some gangs of thieves are perfectly capable of sneaking into your car in no time to steal the set of keys. Maximum attention, therefore!

Don’t leave your house keys in the car: here’s what can happen!

Once introduced into the car, the bad guys have time to steal the house keys and read the address of your home in the vehicle registration document. At that point it becomes child’s play for them to sneak into the house and carry out further thefts of precious objects in your private property, such as money or jewelry!

House keys theft
NEVER leave your house keys on display in your car – Motori.News

With your house keys on display in a supermarket, hospital parking lot or in outlying areas away from prying eyes, thieves can act in minutes. The advice, therefore, is to never leave such precious objects in the carespecially if in plain sight.

A few years ago a real organized gang was active in Piedmont, specializing in the theft of house keys in cars. Many people went to work, left their keys in the car and on their return they could no longer find the sets of keys. Once they returned home, they made the further sad discovery!

In 2019, for example, in the province of Turin, over 200 people suffered these similar acts by a gang. But similar news arrives daily from every area of ​​the beautiful country. Close the car at all times and, above all, always carry all valuables with you! You will avoid having to face such a dire situation!

Key theft
Theft of house keys by car – Motori.News

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