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Among the many criminal acts carried out by thieves and criminals there is also that relating to the theft of steering wheels. What happens in some cases? How do they work? Let’s go to the discovery of the techniques implemented by more and more organized bands. How can you defend yourself?

Theft of steering wheels
Theft of steering wheels – Motori.news

Stealing a steering wheel might seem like a useless move, but in reality behind this criminal act there is a real illegal traffic. It is not uncommon to become aware of incidents relating to the theft of this indispensable element of a car. How do the thieves act? Which steering wheel brands are most targeted? Here are all the details!

Disassembling a steering wheel is not a very quick and easy operation to do. For this reason, thieves choose the exact moment well to act with greater calm and tranquility in the subtraction of this precious element. It takes bad guys in the field to do this. In fact, it will be essential not to cut the cables, but to make the steering wheel still fully functional for their criminal purposes.

Why are steering wheels stolen? They come placed on the second-hand market and sold at lower prices than the original ones. Many people find themselves buying stolen second-hand steering wheels, without knowing it. But not all steering wheels are stolen by thieves. There are, in fact, more ‘interesting’ brands to be stolen by criminals. Which are we referring to?

Which steering wheel brands are stolen?

The bad guys, as mentioned, do not target any car and steering wheel. In fact, there are more valuable and affordable steering wheels to sell on the second-hand market! But what are they? Here are in detail the steering wheels most targeted by criminals! Be careful!

Steering wheel stolen
Stolen steering wheels: these are the most targeted by criminals – Motori.News

The most attractive steering wheels to be placed on the second-hand and spare parts market are above all the sports ones. They are sophisticated, technological and are definitely worth more than the old steering wheels! The brand BMW – despite himself – has the record of steering wheels stolen by the bad guys. But the situation is certainly no better as far as the Mercedes and theAudi. Even the theft of the steering wheels Smart it is something that is becoming more and more popular.

The theft of steering wheels is – unfortunately – growing exponentially in the last period. Thieves have developed techniques that are effective and faster than in the past. They manage to connect to the machine’s control unit and code everything without triggering the alarm. Obviously these are operations that can only be carried out by well-equipped and professional gangs in the theft sector. They are not simple abductions made by improvised thugs.

The thieves steal the steering wheel and leave the car without this precious element. A really unfortunate thing, but that’s unfortunately it can happen to anyone in possession of a car with a latest generation steering wheel, especially ‘three-spoke’ ones and equipped with all driving settings!

How to protect yourself from theft of the steering wheel? A first thing to do is definitely to buy a Theft Protection that blocks the steering wheel. Therefore, you will certainly make the operations of subtracting the element more difficult and lengthy. A thief might be deterred from the outside at the sight of such a device. And then? Surely, one piece of advice we can give you is to not only insure your car, but also to run one insurance specific about the theft of this item!

Flying theft
Theft of the steering wheels – Motori.NewsTheft of the steering wheels – Motori.News

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