New speed cameras, if you go to 50 km / h they will fine you instantly: you have no more escape

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The new speed cameras arrive right in a period of great economic difficulty, between inflation and price increases. In fact, now motorists even prefer to travel by public transport rather than their own since making fuel has become practically impossible.

Speed ​​Cameras
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How long you are afraid of speed camerasthese are essential because they allow you to travel in serenity, dissuading the driver from reaching high speeds and forcing him to respect the limits not to have problems with the law or not to receive hefty fines.

If there were no speed cameras and checks on motorways or state roads, there would probably be many more accidents than now.

Installing new speed cameras, here’s where and why

The installation of the new speed cameras in some Italian cities was necessary. These have been installed in motorway networks where agents cannot intervene for safety reasons. In fact, there are some roads where accidents, even serious ones, often occur, which do not allow agents to carry out checks as they have guaranteed their own safety and that of the users on the road.

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For everything, of course, there are advantages and disadvantages. So if on the one hand, you can benefit from the new speed cameras, on the other you can also be victims. Indeed, it is often the poor worker who he pays the consequences because he gets caught only for a few more kilometers and at that point you see the green folder so hated by everyone coming straight home, in a completely unexpected way.

Bagnacavallo and Sant’Alberto, speed limits imposed

In particular, the new speed cameras were installed in Ravenna, on provincial number 24, for Sant’Alberto and Bagnacavallo. These new devices are now going to take pictures of all the cars that exceed the limit of 70 km per hour per the first street and 50 for the second. The Provincial Police will manage them directly, moreover, there will be no obligation of immediate complaint, because they will work remotely.

In this regard, the Highway Code, which differentiates them based on the kilometers exceeded, provides for the share of the penalties. In fact, the fine is not unique for all motorists, but varies. They range from 42 euros set for those who exceed the limit of 10 km per hour, up to a maximum of € 845 if the limit exceeded is 60 km per hour. At the moment, the speed cameras have not started. However, they will be active over the next few months.

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