Petrol at 1.35 per liter, everyone runs to refuel here: it’s a stone’s throw from your house

There is a place where you can refuel your car with discounted fuel. Where will it be possible to refuel for a few days at a ‘fairytale’ price? Here are all the details on this story!

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The price of fuel is one of the many arguments that haunt millions of Italians. Since tensions between Russia and Ukraine erupted, the price of diesel and gasoline has skyrocketed. The increases have been felt in the pockets of the Italians (unfortunately they do not only concern this sector). But where has it been possible to get petrol at 1.35 per liter for a few days?

The government has curbed the surge in fuel prices by cutting excise duties and, therefore, reducing the cost per liter of diesel and petrol by about 30 cents. A move that was appreciated, but which did not, however, allow the price of fuels to return to the levels prior to international instability. The measure on the cut in excise duties expires on 5 October, but the institutions are already thinking about a new extension, as has been happening continuously since April!

In fact, it is news of the very last hours there extension on the cut of excise duties until at least 17 October, operated by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, and the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani. In addition, to meet the needs of consumers, the Government has also approved the Fuel bonus of 200 euros for company employees. But where will it be possible to refuel at a very discounted price?

Fuel at 1.35 euros per liter: this is where you can save!

The prices of gasoline and diesel in Italy have fortunately returned to drop by a few cents after the increases of the last few weeks. The new list prices – as far as self-service is concerned – stood at 1.717 euros / liter for petrol and 1.825 euros / liter for diesel. The petrol served, on the other hand, has a cost of 1,862 euros / liter; finally, the diesel in served mode is 1.968 euros / liter.

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Falling prices, but still very high, especially if we think of the situation favored by the cut in excise duties. Without the government’s maneuver, in fact, these prices would have to be increased by about 30 cents per liter, as mentioned. But there is a place where you can refuel and save about 50 cents per liter less! Which?

We refer to a place located on the border with our Peninsula, namely the Slovenia. In this nation, in fact, since September 13, fuel prices on normal roads (excluding motorways, therefore) have fallen to levels never seen in recent months. Until a few days ago, the cost of petrol was around 1.50 euros per liter, but since this week it has dropped further by 13 cents. Now it is possible to put petrol at 1.354 euros per liter.

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Here’s where to get petrol at 1.35 euros per liter – Motori.News

Diesel costs much more and stands at 1.683 euros per liter, a level that is still considerably lower than the price in Italy. On the Slovenian motorways, however, the situation is not yet convenient.

Those who live near the border between Italy and Slovenia will be able to take advantage of this incredible drop in prices!

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