Mirrors, that line has a very important function: few know it

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Have you ever wondered what the dotted line does that many car rearview mirrors have? Few people know of its very useful function, especially for the driver, let’s see what it is.

Dash line mirror
Dashed line mirror – Motori.News

There are accessories that are sometimes underestimated and one of them is the rearview mirror with the dotted line. Present in many cars, is an accessory that many car brands introduce because it is practical and functional. Here’s what it’s for and why it is important to know its useso you can use it and better control what happens behind your car when you are driving.

Mirror important in driving the car

As everyone knows, the rearview mirror is important for reducing accidents and motorists use it to drive safely.

rear line rearview mirror
rear-view mirror rear line – Motori.news.it

By respecting the rules of the road and using the tools made available to drivers, this they can drive more relaxed and avoid damage to things and people. But exactly what is this rearview mirror for? However, not all drivers know exactly what rear-view mirrors with the dotted line are for.

Lot of they do not give any importance to this line, which actually serves something, and is not to be underestimated. What is certain is that this type of dotted rearview mirror is really practical and many drivers, who know what it is for, make good use of it.

rearview mirror
rear-view mirror with rear line – Motori.news.it

Function of the dashed line of the mirror

What is the name of the rearview mirror with a dotted line? The rearview mirror that has a dotted line has a precise name, it is called double curved rearview mirror. The dotted line is usually present on a third of the mirror surface and is as if the latter was divided in two.

So in practice, it is as if there were two mirrors instead of one, precisely because of the dotted line. In this way, the mirror allows you to have a much wider viewwhile the blind spot of the car owner’s vision while driving is smaller.

Consequently, when the driver is driving, he can have a clear view of the cars behind, and he can do so by looking at the rearview mirror with the dotted line. This detail makes your driving even safer. Now you know exactly what they are for and the use of the line behind the rearview mirror.

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