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The washer fluid for the car windshield is essential for cleaning but also for traveling safely, because to drive you must always enjoy excellent visibility.

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Who does not want to buy the classic products that can be found practically everywhere in any store spending useless money, you can try to prepare it at home, comfortably, without spending big bucks if not 0.50 cents.

Usually this product contains methanol, which is a substance that is harmful to the environment and to people. Just prepare it at home, obviously excluding harmful substances to solve the problem once and for all both economically and healthily.

How to make window cleaner at home

To prepare the washer fluid at home you need 3 or 4 liters of distilled water which are used to prevent limescale from accumulating inside the washing system pump, or on the windshield. This clogs and ruins the whole plant.

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Then it adds up a little detergent, it is advisable to use one that does not foam or that in any case does very little to avoid soaping the windshield and limiting visibility. Finally, simply mix in a bottle, shaking it. The product is the best, it allows you to clean the windshield to perfection, saving and leaving no residue on the car like many windshield cleaners do.

Other types of detergents for cleaning the windshield

A second product to wash the windshield is prepared by putting together distilled water 3 or 4 liters are enough, 15 ml of dish soap, also in this case, preferably the one that does not foam. Then 120 ml of ammonia. Mix everything well and use the solution, recommended especially for those traveling on muddy ground.

Another solution could be the window cleaner with denatured alcohol, perfect for those looking for the right product for winter. 240 ml of alcohol are added to the solution which allows the detergent not to freeze, the best for those who live in the north, where the temperatures in winter drop a lot. Then you can also prepare a window cleaning solution with distilled water, 3 liters are enough, plus a liter of white vinegar, which eliminates pollen and other types of debris.

All these tricks allow you to prepare the washer fluid in large quantities in a few minutes directly at home and stay covered for a whole year, spending a maximum of 0.50 cents. This negligible sum allows you to buy ingredients that we actually already have at home and that eventually they can be useful in a thousand occasions, ways and situations.

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