Ford Mustang 2024 Base Interior Revealed With Tablet-Like Screen

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Ford’s expanded photo gallery for the 2024 Mustang contains some interesting tidbits as we’ve already seen official design sketches for a sedan. We won’t necessarily count on that to be the case, but other images show the reality of being behind the wheel of the base model. The S650 in the most affordable trim levels continues to have dual screens, but is no longer housed in the same unit.

This enhances the impression of a pair of tablets affixed to the dashboard. That’s not too bad though, as the screens appear to be roughly the same size, although Ford hasn’t released details about the diagonals. The more expensive Mustang gets a 12.4-inch instrument cluster and 13.2-inch SYNC4 infotainment incorporated in a single piece of glass that tilts slightly toward the driver.

Basic interior of the Ford Mustang 2024
Ford Mustang 2024

Look behind the scenes and you’ll realize the basic version shown here is an automatic model with fabric upholstery instead of flashy red leather upholstery. The air vents have lost the chrome accents and there is a lot of black plastic all over the cabin. The red stitching on the dashboard and center console is also gone, as are the nice manual handbrake levers.

As shown below, the defunct S550 in its most basic form has a center console with heavy buttons with a small screen, so a lot has changed since its launch in late 2013. The automotive industry appears to be moving toward integrating most functions into the touchscreen. , which gets bigger with each new car. Some would argue that sports cars should send out analog vibes, but tablets are there anyway.

2014 Ford Mustang base model

The screen situation doesn’t seem to deter fans from buying the new Mustang, especially since the S650 was one of the last sports cars with a naturally aspirated V8 and manual gearbox. The Blue Oval has also retained the old-school handbrake while most automakers have decided to go electric.

Like the Mazda MX-5 Miata, Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ, and some Porsches also come with three pedals, an NA engine, and a stick shift, so you still have a few options in the pure sports car segment. However, screens are basically unavoidable at this point.

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