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New rules are coming to circulate with bicycles, some countries are introducing license plates and driving licenses, let’s find out what is happening.

Bicycles without license plates and insurance
Bicycles without license plates and insurance – MotoriNews

Some countries are seriously considering introducing new rules for riding bicycles. Among these to seem firmly decided is the United Kingdomwhere it seems there will be a license plate, license and insurance for bicycles.

But what is the goal? The goal is to put an end to dangerous cyclingsince the accidents are more and more numerous. Let’s see how things stand and how the situation is at the moment in our country.


What the new rules for bikes in the UK entail

It serves greater responsibility for riding bicyclestherefore, on the basis of this criterion, the United Kingdom has decided to adopt a new regulation. The proposal of the secretary of state for transportGrant Shapps, it’s the following:

  • introduce the license plate for the bikes
  • compulsory insurance for those who ride on the roads
  • driver’s license
  • speed limit of about 32 km / h

If the new regulation is approved, for cyclists it will completely change life. The proposal has raised a lot of controversy and a real revolution on the part of those who love two wheels.

What are the current rules in Italy for bikes

Introducing new rules to better control electric bicycles or scooters is one of the topics covered also in Italy. What do the rules currently provide? Currently, the rules provided for in the highway code regarding bicycles and electric scooters are as follows:

  • to 16 years can drive the e-bike of type S-Pedelec, while there is no age limit for riding pedelec bikes. Instead, it is mandatory to wear a helmet under the age of 14.
  • after the age of 14, the helmet on pedelecs is not compulsory, but on electric bikes up to 45 km / h.
  • it is forbidden to stand on the sidewalks, in the same way as bicycles, and they can walk on the cycle paths and on the roadway.
  • it’s possible install the seat to carry children up to 8 years.
  • a trolley can be used behind the vehicle, provided it measures less than 1.5 meters, weighs less than 50 kg and is equipped with red rear lights or reflectors.
  • it is forbidden to use mobile phones while driving.

You are now aware of the new guidelines regarding the use of bicycles in cities. So, be very careful of all lovers of two wheels not to transgress these rules, if you do not want to take hefty fines.

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