Horn, be very careful to use it: the fine is a blow

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The free ride for honking horns is over. The fines for those who use it without respecting the rules laid down by the Highway Code are high. Here’s what you risk!

Trumpets of horns
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Honking the horn for many motorists, more than a necessity, is almost fun. But beware, the noise of the horn is annoying and if it is used where there is an obligation not to use it, there are risks. It is therefore necessary to clarify how things stand e warn the trumpeters that they cannot do their own thing, otherwise they will run into troublelet’s see which ones!

Horn trumpeters – Motori.news

What the Highway Code says about the horn

With regard to the use of the horn, article 156 of the Code establishes that this tool, necessary to warn of the passage of the vehicle, must be used in order to guarantee road safety and also with due moderation.

In addition, the highway code also specifies that the horn can be used as often as required traffic or environmental conditionsbut outside built-up areas. To be precise, the Highway Code provides that the horn must be used to avoid accidents and in particular when overtaking or when suddenly you have to brake.

However, he also points out that, when possible, it is preferable to use the high beams instead of the horn. The latter, on the other hand, is strictly prohibited in built-up areas, unless via danger of accidents.

However, it is also allowed to use the horn with prolonged sound in case of urgent transport of injured persons or seriously ill people in hospital.

What trumpeters risk

In case the prohibition foreseen by article 156 of the Highway Code is not respected, trumpeters risk big. For those who transgress the rules, what do they encounter? For those who transgress the rules, they face a monetary fine, which ranges from a minimum of 41 euros to 168 euros.

To incur the penalty are motorists who do not respect the rules and play where there is a ban on honking. Ultimately, therefore, the risk that motorists run they use the horn where it is forbidden, yesare subjected to a fine and there are no further administrative sanctions.

Drivers can therefore rest assured why no points are deducted from the driving license and this is not even suspended. So now you know perfectly well what happens to those who overuse and misuse the horn of a car or any other vehicle on the road. From now on, be very careful.

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