ZTL active after 2 years of stop, with these you get a fine without knowing it: you NEVER go there

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ZTL, the restricted traffic areas, will be reactivated on Thursday 15 September 2022 after a two-year stop.

ZTL reactivated
ZTL reactivated – MotoriNews

Attention will once again turn to the ZTL starting at 9:00 on Thursday, when the displays will be turned on again indicating the prohibition of access.

Those who enter even without authorization will receive a fine of € 90, but only from October 1st.

Councilors opposed to the activation of the ZTL

The head of the transport commission, Nino Simeone, declared that he does not really agree with the decision which appears to be premature. It is of the same opinion, the municipal employee Gennaro Acampora of the PD who requested immediate interventions aimed at correct errors that could also cause unrest

The ZTL will be active for 15 days to calculate which and how many vehicles are authorized or citizens in possession of the Municipality pass, cars, motorcycles and mopeds. The Ztl, before 2020, was active every day from 9 until 18. Now something has to change for which a table has been organized for go and review the timetables, to be reduced. For now they remain the same as always, from 9 to 18.

Ztl di Dante still suspended

Dante’s LTZ, in Naples, remains suspended despite the reopening of the Galleria Vittoria. Initially the closure was linked to the works in via San Giovanni in Carbonara. Now these have come to an end, consequently also the ordinance on the suspension of the restricted traffic zone. Apparently nothing will change despite this. Probably during the table as well as the revision of timetables other topics related to prohibitions and permits will be addressed.

Starting today, the Municipal Police will be present at the beginning of the ZTL and will indicate to motorists the reactivation of the limited traffic area, remembering that to access without receiving fines you must have authorization. Alternatively, there are gods alternative routes which still allow you to get where you want without necessarily having to cross those streets. To inform users 100% and prepare them for everything, the “Green Light” platform will also be updated, which was enough created by ACI together with the Municipality.

Ztl- Motori.news

The municipal councilor Nino Simeone, as well as President of the Commission Transportation seems to be quite critical of the issue. In fact, he stated that the the decision to reopen the gate of the Ztl Dante was simply hasty given that there are not the right conditions, aimed at giving a suitable service to all.

The activation of the Ztl to the maximum could be proposed with a reduction in hours, just to start. But it is certain that for now we should not have talked about a return to the past, because given the momentary conditions nothing is adequate.

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