Put a box of rice in the car, it solves a big problem: from today everyone will

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When one thinks of rice, what immediately comes to mind is that this cereal is an inexhaustible source of vitamins, fibers and minerals. Beyond the energy supply for the body and its nutritional qualities, it can be used in many ways, unknown to most. Put a box of rice in the car – it solves one big problem, actually three.

box of rice in the car
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In this guide, we reveal how to use rice for eliminate 3 problems common for motorists.

A box of rice wicks away the moisture

Rice is a cereal that can easily absorb moisture concentrated in the car. This natural ingredient is a perfect and economical dehumidifiereffective even in the most hidden places of the car.

In the long run, humidity has a detrimental effect on health (it can cause allergies, coughs, asthma, rhinitis, eye irritation), so we recommend not neglecting this aspect.

Place a cloth bag full of uncooked rice in the trunk and under the seats for remove moisture. To fix the windshield fogging issue, place the rice bag on the dashboard.

Try filling the bags ¾ with the beans leaving them open: the rice will absorb excess moisture in the air. Change the beans regularly when you feel them moist to the touch.

To combat humidity, leave your car in the sun by closing doors and windows – high temperatures will absorb moisture. In winter, however, just turn on the heating.

A box of rice in the car eliminates bad smells

Like silica gel, rice is able to absorb not only moisture but also i bad smells in the car (smell of mold, cigarette smoke, pet smoke, food, etc.).

The denser and more intense the smells, the more rice grains you will need to put in the bags.

It is possible to prevent the buildup of musty odors in the car with some precautions: when it rains, prevent water from entering the vehicle as much as possible. In addition, do regular maintenance of the air conditioning ducts and pay attention to the drinks you consume in the passenger compartment.

Rice removes antifreeze

The antifreeze present in the radiator coolant contains ethylene glycol, a very toxic substance for health. If antifreeze runs under your feet, clean the affected area immediately. In the absence of a specific product, rice can help.

Sprinkle a thick layer of rice grains on the soil of the affected area and let it sit overnight. The rice will absorb the liquid also eliminating odors.

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