Car door, this hook has a secret function: you will use it every day

The door of each car is equipped with a hook. An apparently useless accessory, but which can serve a rather particular function! Which? Let’s discover this detail and a mysterious function of this hook!

Car hook
Car hook – MotoriNews

The door or flap is that element that allows you to open and close the car. It therefore aims to get in and out of a car. Most cars have 3 or 5 doors (including the trunk). Each door is equipped with a handle for opening from outside and inside, a window and a locking system.

But there is also an apparently useless accessory, but which can perform a very useful function in certain cases. What are we referring to?

A perfect functioning of the door protects your car from theft of the car by the bad guys, but not only. In fact, an airtight seal prevents cold air in winter and hot air in summer from entering the car, always guaranteeing a comfortable temperature!

The hook on every car door: what is it for? Here is the mysterious function of this accessory – Motori.News

Furthermore, each car door is equipped with a hook. But what role can this accessory play? What can it be used for? The answer is not obvious and concerns an aspect that is not exactly specific in reference to driving or other road elements! Here is in detail the mysterious function of this hook present in every car door! You will be amazed!

Car door: what is the hook for? Here is the mysterious function!

It often happens to discover after years the presence of apparently useless accessories inside your car. For example, this is the case of the lever on the mirror inside the car. It allows you to adjust the glass in anti-glare mode or not! But among the many accessories present, let’s find out what the hook placed in each car door can be used for!

There are, in fact, many clever tricks and accessories placed in the various areas of the car, able to simplify your life in some situations and saving time! And this is the case with the hook placed on each door of the car. And its purpose?

Door hook
Car door – Motori.News

You will surely have had to face a very long journey, to be thirsty, but not to have a bottle opener behind you. If the answer is yes, then you will be pleasantly surprised at the function of this mystery hook.

In fact, it allows you to open bottle caps in an easy, practical and fast way. You will no longer have to give up drinking your drink brought from home or going to the nearest bar! With this hook you will have solved all your problems related to opening the cap! Convenient isn’t it?

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