Marc Marquez is back, the psychological games start again

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Marc Marquez already well present in Aragon. He keeps a very low profile, he can be seen far away … But will it be true?

Marc Marquez ready to amaze – MotoriNews

The Aragon Grand Prix marks the return to racing of a more than smiling man Marc Marquez. The first weekend of races of the multiple MotoGP champion since fourth intervention, which took place after the stage at Mugello. The tests at Misano were there trial he was looking for, is now ready to be once again among the protagonists of the premier class of the World Championship. To hear it seems not: Marquez goes there very cautiousholds a very low profilejust point to physical recovery with a view to 2023. And you can see it very far from the podium. But will it really be like this? The precedents lead us to to doubt of the words of Cervera’s talent …

Marquez cautious: “We are far away”

The surprising fact is that, despite eight absences, he is still the best Honda rider. Or maybe it’s not all that surprising, given that the RC213V 2022 turned out to be much more problematic than it appeared at the beginning of the year. “We are very far from both Ducati and Aprilia” he has declared Marc Marquez during the Thursday press conference in Aragon. However, underlining how HRC is working hard to find the right place. The new proves it too KALEX frame tested in Misano and also taken to the MotorLand. “I am not able to prove anything on Friday, I just have to get the feeling back. We will see.” Marquez focuses on physical recovery and reiterates it several times. “They are well distant from my goal. I just want to finish the GP, here as in the future. There are three consecutive events but I don’t know if I’ll be able, I might even have to stop. “ As mentioned, # 93 wants to be cautious after the troubles he has accused over the past two years.

But will it be true?

Doubt is legitimate, given that Marc Marquez has accustomed us to so many surprises. “The podium? I would say it is the1% chance is the clear response of the multiple MotoGP world champion. There is still work to be done, not on the bone that is now welded, but on muscle mass after two years of ‘adjustments’. But let us remember i miracles that he managed to do with one arm only, and not in a manner of speaking! Now that he has both, he can become the again fearsome champion that put MotoGP in line… Or maybe not, we will only see this over time. But it is difficult, if not impossible, to even imagine a Marc Marquez slow on the track. He wasn’t in the tests at Misano, he certainly won’t be during a GP, with the adrenaline always rising to the maximum. Fabio Quartararo hopes for a ally against the Ducati army, Marquez could also satisfy him shortly.

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