Car wheels, never reverse them like this: unbelievable, you were always wrong

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Reversing the wheels of the car is a subject that is always hotly debated among technicians, experts and enthusiasts. But what is fairer to do? What, on the other hand, is not recommended? Let’s go clarify this thorny topic!

Wheel change
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There are many who have different ideas as to whether it is right or not reverse the wheels after a certain number of kilometers traveled. The question is always at the center of the debate of technicians and experts and many motorists are often displaced by divergent opinions. What is right to do? How should the wheels of the car never be reversed? Let’s find out every detail!

In this article we will look at all the various theories about reversing the wheels of your car. We will analyze the right method for reversing, what to never do and the new theory on next generation tires!

That said, we always recommend changing your tires every 5 years at the latest (even earlier in case of greater wear). All this for a matter strictly linked to road safety. Worn tires, in fact, tend to make your car lose grip and control!

Car wheels: everything you need to know about reversing!

Reversing the wheels decreases the noise level and improves the ride quality. This is what has always emerged in the various theories about it. In recent times, however, a new theory is being born, especially with regard to highly technological and high-performance cars! Here’s what you need to know!

Reversal of the wheels
Car wheels: here’s how to reverse them and what not to do – Motori.News

A first method as far as the front and rear traction is concerned, it is to pass the rear tires on the front on the same side, reversing the front tires in the passage to the rear. A second method possible, however, provides for a total inversion in both steps. For front-wheel drive, on the other hand, an infallible method involves reversing the tires by passing the front tires in the rear on the same side, instead reversing the others.

Much will depend on whether your car is front or rear wheel drive. Having said that, it is appropriate to reiterate how many mechanics, on the other hand, reiterate the concept of the uselessness of crossing tires. According to this theory, it is right to reverse the tires, but without proceeding to the intersection.

Finally, there is the theory of the uselessness of wheel reversal. In fact – especially for new generation machines and with the birth of large section tires – the wear of the rubber varies according to its position and is therefore very different. Reversing in many cases could cause vibrations, noise and less control while driving.

Reversal of the wheels – Motori.News

What is right to do? The advice is to rely on industry experts and what the various vehicle and tire manufacturers prescribe. In many cases, inversion – with or without crossing – is recommended. In others, however, absolutely not! Trust the experts and the state of wear of the rubber. Road safety is essential!

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